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Dana Weiss

Danna Weiss

Education & Early Career

Danna was born in New York City as an indigo and intuitive child to an entrepreneurial family. As a small child she loved crystals immediately. As an artist, she began working with crystals and gemstones in jewelry design during her teen years. She dabbled with crystals at a young age growing her connection to them throughout her college education and design career. Danna feels that her connection to crystals and gemstones is woven through many incarnations. Her immediate passion for these energies led her to create a metaphysically inspired jewelry line. While in high school she sold her line to stores all over the country including Macy's, with features in Magazines like Redbook and Seventeen. Her creative desires led her to Syracuse University where she acquired a BS in Fashion Design. Danna worked for some of fashions well-known icons and edited fashion for various books. Danna worked for the late Liz Tilberis at Harpers Bazaar, Elizabeth Saltzman at Vanity Fair, Bonnie Fuller at Cosmopolitan and Donna Karan in her design studio. Danna went off on her own to dress celebrities for the red carpet, often commenting for press and morning news to talk fashion and intuit trends. Press / Video. She created the Fashion Institute of Technology's first ever course on "Creating Public Persona for Celebrities".

Conscious Jewelry:

Danna's fast paced life was quickly altered with C Diff, a bacterial infection from antibiotics that would remind her of her love of crystal healing. In using the medicinal properties of crystals and gemstones, Danna was affected and determined to share. Twenty years after her first jewelry line, she channeled Conscious Jewelry - a bold power piece line - to provide herself and other women with the energizing and elevating properties she was benefiting from. Danna saw that she was no longer only intuiting trends for the climate, but energies for people. She later discovered that she is a channel who receives intuitive information via clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairscent, clairsentience and clairempathy abilities. She provides Rock Readings and led Crystal Healing Workshops around the country in notable locations around the country such as The Chopra Center, Unplug Meditation and the Jivamukti Yoga School. Danna is a Crystaline Expert, Certified Crystal Healer and Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Conscious Jewelry

Vibrational Works:

Danna's desire shifted from serving her clientele's outer world to affecting their inner world. Vibrational Works and Conscious Jewelry are her answer to not only surrounding oneself in beauty, but bringing out the beauty within, though elevating energy. Stone energy had become very powerful for Danna and her clientele. Understanding that she needed a higher vibration in her space from which to evolve, Vibrational Works was conceptualized. She began by creating a work for herself. Her intention was to use wood as a grounding force in her home and to imbed it with crystal and gemstone energies that would be channeled into a work for her highest good. That first personal piece became a coffee table. Her friends and clients who came to visit were captivated. They would inquire about a piece to be created from their own energetic profile or insist on buying the singular piece. Danna realized how the work was creating an energy field and began to intuit pieces for others based on balancing their metaphysical needs. Her work was blessed and she soon partnered with 1stDibs to bring her pieces to people all over the world. Placing pieces in Marina Del Ray with Larry Wlkison and Nikita Kahn and in display in the Riyadh palace of Prince Bandar Faisal Al Saud. Each piece has a channeled purpose, whether it is for an individual, family, organization or concept. Vibrational Works