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Dana Weiss

A Note from Danna

Hi guys!

If you are reading this note there is a good chance we have some things in common.

I am so blessed in my life to have the freedom of choice. It is my hope that you do too. Sometimes we are unaware of all the choices we have. We are so busy in our daily lives that we make decisions without even realizing we are doing so...at times our environment suffers and sometimes, even we suffer as a result.

On a personal note, this happened to me. I contracted a near fatal bacterial infection called C Diff. For six months no one could detect what I was suffering from, and when the case was finally diagnosed, it took my system over a year to recover. During my quest for a diagnosis and optimum health, I found that there were various lifestyle choices that I had made that had contributed to my illness. I realized that this information I was newly benefiting from pointed to living a natural, organic, eco-friendly and holistic life. It became obvious to me that everything we do as humans has an effect on something or someone somewhere and, as a result, we are much more powerful and influential than we sometimes remember. Every product and routine that had become second nature to me was reconsidered. I noticed that regular clothing detergent was contributing to allergies, fancy shampoos were contributing to hair loss, candles were contributing to poor air quality. For months I researched and revamped. I made it my job and my business to know all of the possibilities in living a completely conscious life. What I have found is that an earth-friendly life is a chemical–free, safe and healthy life. Environmentally safe products without chemicals are not only safer for our water supply and food chain, but create a safe, healthy and non-carcinogenic personal life as well.

The eco chic possibilities for our homes, offices, wardrobes, beauty cabinets and even pets are endless. My goal and career of service is to make sure that everyone can make their choices while aware of all of the options. This makes it possible for us to all lead healthy, beautiful and rewarding lives, while still living trendy, chic and cool ones as well.

Love, health & happiness,